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How do I become an Omnivoltaic distributor or partner?

Omnivoltaic is always looking to team up with partners who have an interest and experience in the Solar and Renewable Industry. Our Sales and Marketing Department is working hard to support our distribution network partners. For more information, please send us an email to, and indicate your company name, country of operation and products of interest.


Where can I buy Omnivoltaic Products?

Omnivoltaic has partnered with over 50 distributors across Africa and Asia. We have deployed a significant labour force in our Sales and Marketing Department, who are always working around the clock to manage your needs and demands. If you wish to become our distributor or buy directly from our distributors and partners, please send us an email to, for more information.


Why is it important that a battery's storage capacity is not consumed to 100%?

Retaining some battery capacity is very essential in initiating the chemical reaction during charging. This means that a battery capacity must never be consumed to 100%. The depth to which a battery can be discharged depends on the chemistry in the battery. Most systems automatically shut off after attaining a battery capacity range of 5-15%.

For Omnivoltaic, all our battery systems are fitted with a Battery Management System, also BMS, which among other benefits, assists in retention by limiting the complete exhaustion of the battery capacity. This is very important for our distributors because it ensures the battery quality and shelf life is maintained.


Can ovCamp LFP Batteries be Shipped by Air?

The maximum battery capacity allowed to be shipped normally by air is 100Wh. For any battery above 100Wh, under the discretion of the air freighter, requires the provision of the battery certificates such as Material Safety Data Sheet, commonly known as MSDS, which we can provide for all our ovCamp batteries


Warranty Service Policy

OVES Warranty Policy is provided by OVES, and defects can be covered in the form of workmanship and materials.

OVES offers to its customers a service warranty based on the following limitations;

  • The products must have been provided by OVES, inclusive of accompanying component as described in the products' User Manuals.
  • The products sold shall be provided with 1 years’ warranty for normal use (except for man-made malfunctions) starting from the date of shipment from the factory.
  • In certain places where local laws have special provisions for the term of warranty, the foregoing term shall not be applicable. This warranty offers special legal rights. You are entitled to other rights pursuant to local laws.
  • The Buyer/Customer is responsible for certain service and maintenance expenses. Please contact our Customer Service for further details on specific products. 

The following situation is not covered by the warranty:

  • Finished goods lost or serial number manipulated
  • Loss or damage due to force majeure or external reasons
  • Misuse, accident, negligence, unauthorized alteration or repair
  • Overuse
  • Violation of operation stipulation